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3 Words You Shouldn't Say In Church

Say this instead...

Hey, it’s Brady,

There’s a three-word phrase we really need to stop saying in church:

“Don’t miss it!”

(I’ll tell you what I recommend as an alternative in just a second)

The phrase “don’t miss it!” is commonly used to promote church events. For example:

“We’ve got a church picnic coming up. Don’t miss it!”

The problem? The undertone of the phrase “don’t miss it” is guilt.

Which is a lousy motivator for a church.

Instead, I’d suggest you say:

“See you there!”

The undertone of “see you there” is community.

“Good grief, Brady. You’re really overthinking this one.” 😡


But here’s the thing…

The language you use becomes the culture you build.

And if your language is laced with fear and guilt, that will eventually get expressed elsewhere.

Plus, this is an easy swap. Three words for three words.

Light work. 💪

Church social media strategies that DIED in 2024

This week on the pod we've got a list 15 things that everyone thinks are important on social media.

The truth is, a bunch of them, don't matter at all!

So we'll be putting these items into categories:

  1. Necessary

  2. Nice to have

  3. Nonsense

And by the end of the episode, your church will know what's actually worth your time on social and what's just there to waste your time.

Let's dive in.

Thanks as always for your time, attention, and trust. Talk to you next Thursday. - Brady Shearer