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Why Does Pastor Mike Todd Post His Workouts On Social?

An influential pastor posting fitness content?

Hey, it’s Brady,

Pastor Mike Todd is one of the most influential pastors in the world. On Instagram alone, he’s got more than 2 million followers.

So why is he posting so much about his workout routine?

I wanted to go directly to the source. So I asked Rohn Starling about it.

For three years, Rohn held the title of Content Creator To The Lead Pastor at Transformation Church.

Meaning, it was Rohn who was working 1-on-1 with Pastor Mike Todd helping to direct strategy on social.

Here’s what Rohn said to me…

Beyond preaching and church life, there are three pillars of content that Pastor Mike focuses on:

  1. Fitness

  2. Family

  3. Fatherhood

Of course, you’ll still find the preaching clips.

But Pastor Mike doesn’t want to be one-dimensional online.

And why is this approach to social so effective? Because it’s rooted in a timeless principle:

Show. Don’t Tell.
[1 Cor. 11:1]

A steadfast commitment to your kids, wife, and physical health are all Biblical values.

Pastor Mike could tell you about these things

And he does - in his messages.

But showing you his commitment to these values is tremendously more powerful.

An Honest Conversation With Elevation Church’s Copywriter

This week on The Pro Church Tools Show, we’re joined by Nicki Shearer, who oversees copywriting and language for all church-wide initiatives at Elevation Church.

This means Nicki is responsible for what Elevation says and how they say it.

Now, you might be familiar with a style guide with respect to visual church branding like fonts and colors.

Essentially, what Nicki oversees is the style guide for language.

Which is probably not something your church has - but it might be something you need.

Especially because the words we use in-person and online matter a lot more than our logo.

Introducing, The Pro Church Tools Scholarship

I’m happy to announce that through this newsletter we’re going to begin awarding a $500 scholarship to a new church every month.

All churches are eligible. Here are the details…

First, a few parameters for the scholarship:

  1. Do you need to be a paid subscriber to one of our products to be eligible for the scholarship? No.

  2. Will my company have any say over how you spend the scholarship? No.

  3. Must you be a North American church? No.

I’m tremendously grateful for the work I get to do. This is simply a small way we can empower more churches.

Here’s how the selection process for the scholarship works:

  • Every Thursday at 9 a.m. Eastern, I publish a new issue of The 167 Newsletter (you’re reading it right now).

  • Starting in March, I’ll begin including a new section in one newsletter each month with a special keyword (this keyword will change every month).

  • The keyword is your ticket to entry for the scholarship.

  • Simply DM me on Instagram with the keyword and you’ll have secured your entry for the month!

The scholarship selection each month will be random. So the award doesn’t go to the church who sends me the keyword first.

(that wouldn’t be fair to churches in timezones where 9am Eastern might be sleepy time 😴)

And remember, I’m awarding a new scholarship to a different church every month.

Which means every month one newsletter will contain a new keyword that unlocks entry to that month’s scholarship.

The first newsletter with an embedded keyword will go out in March! So watch for that closely. 👀

Thanks as always for your time, attention, and trust. Talk to you next Thursday. - Brady Shearer