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Instagram's Most Important Metric Revealed

And it's not what you think...

Hey, it’s Brady,

On June 10th, the head of Instagram said this about a specific metric:

“____ matters most across the board.”

Likes? Comments? Watch time? Saves?

None of the above.

The answer?


(I always called them Shares, but Mosseri kept calling them Sends in this interview).

The head of Instagram specifically talked about Sends Percentage.

Divide a post’s total number of sends by reach to discover the Sends Percentage.

Another interesting tidbit:

Mosseri noted that most people won't like and send a post.

This is important.

Because the like metric is the most visible on Instagram.

And because it’s the most visible, it’s considered the most valuable.

Except it’s not.

In fact, the most important metric across the board is one you won’t even see.

Unless of course, you click on View Insights to track it down.

Our big announcement (finally)

Earlier this week I announced our most ambitious project ever.

Some might even call it reckless.

Like my business partners did - when I first told them about it.

Thanks as always for your time, attention, and trust. Talk to you next Thursday. - Brady Shearer