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How To Deal With Negative Church Staff

Here are 5 recommendations...

Hey, it’s Brady,

Leading and serving in church is hard enough as it is.

Things get even more challenging when you're dealing with negative church staff.

Here are 5 recommendations…

#1. Set the standard yourself

I want to be a leader that models discipline, ambition, resilience, & compassion. Negativity often starts at the top. How can I expect something from my team that I’m not modeling?

#2. Draw the rules for communication

We have three rules for resolving conflict:

  • Rule #1: Disagreement is not disrespect

  • Rule #2: Unity is not uniformity

  • Rule #3: Say the quiet part out loud

#3. Address all issues of behavior or attitude in light of the church’s mission

Don’t let this become you against them. Point to how the negative mindset affects the church’s objectives and purpose.

#4. Earn equity

When was the last time you talked with this person just to talk? Or acknowledged their efforts or achievements? Have you been through fires with this person?

Your history with this person should inform how you approach them.

#5. Clarify expectations

Most commonly, the root issue with this kind of thing is misaligned expectations; you're observing one thing that the staff member has no idea is a problem.

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