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Free Church Mini Movies

That don't suck...

Hey, it’s Brady,

Today’s newsletter is all about free downloadable resources.

Let’s start with mini movies.

The best place to get mini movies for your church for free - that don't suck…

Does such a platform exist?


The website is https://www.bravingbird.com.

No strings attached.

This is a non-profit. So everything they release for the church is 100% free.

Great for sermon starters and transitions within service.

The films are beautiful. Props to the team at Bravingbird. 🫡

Next up, downloadable photo presets…⬇️

Lightroom Presets From Former Life Church Photographer

This week on the pod we're joined by a former Life Church photographer.

And together, live on the show, he's going to show us how we he edits photos from scratch.

We're gonna cover everything - exposure, white balance, sharpening, grain, and even how to make sure the skin tones of people don't get messed up by stage lighting.

Plus! We’ve got free downloadable presets for you.

Thanks as always for your time, attention, and trust. Talk to you next Thursday. - Brady Shearer