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Best Youth Group Social Accounts

Two specific ones you need to see...

Hey, it’s Brady,

What do the best youth group social media accounts have in common?

They’re student-driven.

And they use social media for ministry. Not just to promote ministry.

Most student ministries are using social media to promote their youth services.

Here’s the thing…

There’s actually a better way to build anticipation for youth night.

Show. Don’t Tell.

Two student ministries are doing this exceptionally well…

Sacramento, CA

CRAVE is my favorite example of variety on a youth account.

Pittsburgh, PA

Instead of telling you to come to youth group, two of my favorite posts from AMPLIFY YOUTH show what youth nights are like. Combined these two posts have more than 5 million views.

An easy way to remember this principle is to think of a movie trailer.

The point of a movie trailer isn’t to tell you the showtimes of the movie. It’s to show you the highlights!

Once you’re inspired by the trailer, you’ll go looking for the showtimes.

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Thanks as always for your time, attention, and trust. Talk to you next Thursday. - Brady Shearer